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Prof. Hanfa Zou


Division of Biotechnology,

Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics,

Chinese Academy of Sciences,

Dalian 116023, China

Tel: 0086-411-84379610  

Fax: 0086-411-84379620

Email: hanfazou@dicp.ac.cn


      Curriculum Vitae

1978-1982, Zhejiang University of Technology
1983-1986,  Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS, MS student in Analytical Chemistry
1986-1989, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS, Ph.D student in Analytical Chemistry
1989-1991, Assistant Research Professor, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS
1991-1992, Visiting Scientist at US-EPA, Atomspheric Research Center, RTP, NC,USA
1992-1994, Associate Research Professor at Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS
1994-1995,  Visiting Professor at Northeastern University in Boston, USA
Since 1995,  Research Professor, vice Director and Director of the National Chromatographic R&A Center, Member of Scientific Committee of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS
Since 2003, Vice Director of Education Committee; Vice Director of Biotechnology Division, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS

    Professional Recognition

Since 2004, Member of advisory boards for the Electrophoresis, Trends in Analytical Chemistry and Journal of Separation Science; Member of advisory boards 18th International Symposium on Chirality 2006
Since 1995, Member of adsviory boards for number of domestic journals including the Chinese Journal of Analytical Chemistry, Chinese Journal of Chromatography, Chinese Science Bulltine, Chinese Journal of Environmental Chemistry, Chinese Journal of Instrumental Analysis and Testing, Chinese Journal of Natural Products

  Recent Publications

1.    Xingye Su, Feng Qin, Liang Kong, Junjie Ou, Chuanhui Xie, Hanfa Zou

       Characterization of enantioselective binding of racemic natural tetrahydropalmatine to DNA by chromatographic methods

       J. Chromatogr. B, 2007, 845, 174C179 [pdf]

2.    Mingliang Ye, Xiaogang Jiang, Shun Feng, Ruijun Tian, Hanfa Zou

       Advances in chromatographic techniques and methods in shotgun proteome analysis

       Trac-Trend Anal.Chem.2007, 26, 1, 80-84 [pdf]

3.  Chensong Pan, Songyun Xu, Houjiang Zhou, Yu Fu, Mingliang Ye, Hanfa Zou

      Recent developments in methods and technology for analysis of biological samples by MALDI-TOF-MS

      Anal Bioanal Chem, 2007, 387, 193C204 [pdf]

4.   Xingye Su, Liang Kong, Xiaoyuan Lei, Lianghai Hu, Mingliang Ye, Hanfa Zou

      Biological Fingerprinting Analysis of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Targeting ADME/Tox Property for Screening of Bioactive Compounds by Chromatographic and MS Methods

      Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry, 2007, 7, 1, 87-98 [pdf]

5.  Junjie Ou, Xin Li, Shun Feng, Jing Dong, Xiaoli Dong, Liang Kong, Mingliang Ye, Hanfa Zou

     Preparation and Evaluation of a Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Derivatized Silica Monolithic Column for Capillary Electrochromatography and Capillary Liquid Chromatography

     Anal. Chem. 2007, 79, 639-646 [pdf]

6.   Hua Xiao, Lisong Yang, Hanfa Zou, Ling Yang, X. Chris Le

     Analysis of oxidized multi-walled carbon nanotubes in single K562 cells by capillary electrophoresis with laser-induced fluorescence

Anal Bioanal Chem, 2007,387,119-126 [pdf]

7.  Ruijun Tian, He Zhang, Mingliang Ye, Xiaogang Jiang, Lianghai Hu, Xin Li, Xinhe Bao, Hanfa Zou

     Selective Extraction of Peptides from Human Plasma by Highly Ordered Mesoporous Silica Particles for Peptidome Analysis

     Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.,2007,46,962-965 [pdf]

8.   Junjie Ou, Jing Dong, Xiaoli Dong, Zhiyuan Yu, Mingliang Ye, Hanfa Zou

Recent progress in polar stationary phases for CEC

   Electrophoresis,2007,28,148-163 [pdf]

9.  Lianghai Hu, Xin Li, Xinning Jiang, Houjiang Zhou, Xiaogang Jiang, Liang Kong, Mingliang Ye, Hanfa Zou

     Comprehensive peptidome analysis of mouse livers by size exclusion chromatography prefractionation and nanoLC-MS/MS identification

   J. Proteome Res., 2007,6,801-808 [pdf]

10. Shun Feng, Chensong Pan, Xiaogang Jiang, Songyu Xu, Houjiang Zhou, Mingliang Ye, Hanfa Zou

      Fe3+ immobilized metal affinity chromatography with silica monolithic capillary column for phosphoproteome analysis

   Proteomics, 2007,7,351-360 [pdf]

11. Junjie Ou, Jing Dong, Tuijun Tian, Jiwei Hu, Mingliang Ye, Hanfa Zou

      Enantioseparation of tetrahydropalmatine and Tr?ger's base by molecularly imprinted monolith in capillary electrochromatography

   J. Biochem. Biophys. Methods, 2007,70,71-76 [pdf]

12. Xiaogang Jiang, Shun Feng, Ruijun Tian, Guanghui Han, Xinning Jiang, Mingliang Ye, Hanfa Zou

      Automation of nanoflow liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry for proteome analysis by using a strong cation exchange trap column

     Proteomics, 2007,7,528-539 [pdf]

13. Xiaogang Jiang, Xinning Jiang, Shun Feng, Ruijun Tian, Mingliang Ye, Hanfa Zou

      Development of Efficient Protein Extraction Methods for Shotgun Proteome Analysis of Formalin-Fixed Tissues

      J. Proteome Res., 2007,6,1038-1047 [pdf]

14. Ligang Hu, Songyun Xu, Chensong Pan, Hanfa Zou, Guibin Jiang

     Preparation of a biochip on porous silicon and application for label-free detection of small molecule-protein interactions

     Rapid Commun. Mass Sp., 2007,21,1277-1281 [pdf]

15. Xin Li, Songyun Xu, Chensong Pan, Houjiang Zhou, Xiaogang Jiang, Yu Zhang, Mingliang Ye, Hanfa Zou

      Enrichment of peptides from plasma for peptidome analysis using multiwalled carbon nanotubes

      J. Sep. Sci., 2007, 30, 930-943 [pdf]

16. Jiwei Hu, Chuanhui Xie, Ruijun Tian, Zhike He, Hanfa Zou

      Separation of basic and acidic compounds by capillary electrochromatography using monolithic silica capillary columns with zwitterionic stationary phase

       J. Sep. Sci., 2007, 30, 891-899 [pdf]

17. Xiaogang Jiang, Mingliang Ye, Xinning Jiang, Guangpeng Liu, Shun Feng, Lei Cui, Hanfa Zou

      Method Development of Efficient Protein Extraction in Bone Tissue for Proteome Analysis

      J. Proteome Res., 2007,6,2287-2294 [pdf]  Research profile [pdf]

18. Xingye Su, Lianghai Hu, Liang Kong, Xiaoyuan Lei, Hanfa Zou

      Affinity chromatography with immobilized DNA stationary phase for biological fingerprinting analysis of traditional Chinese medicines

       J. Chromatogr. A, 2007, 1154, 132C137 [pdf]